Study trip of Master in European Integration participants


The study trip of the students of our Master in European Integration programme, with the main purpose of getting to know EU institutions in Strasbourg and Brussels, was successfully undertaken between 14 and 21 June 2011. The total of 15 students of the 2010/2011 class were accompanied by Professor Dragica Vujadinović, Ph.D., Assistant  Professor Tanasije Marinković, Ph.D,  and Lecturer Maja Lukić, LL.M.

The study trip of these 15 master students was donated by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Belgrade, by TELEKOM Serbia, nd by the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade.

In Strasbourg, students visited European Court for Human Rights, European Parliament and Council of Europe. In the European Court of Human Rights the master students were given a lecture on the functioning of this Court by Ms. Aysegül Uzun Marinković, whereas Judge Prof. Dragoljub Popović presented the role of this institution in establishing and promoting anti-discrimination policies in general, as well as with respect to Serbia in particular. In the European Parliament the students also received a lecture on the functioning of that body, comprising a discussion afterwards.

During a one-day working visit to the European Commission in Brussels, the students attended three lectures - the first was on the functioning of the EU Commission by Mr. Ludo Tegenbosch, “The Role and Functioning of European Institutions - Justice Freedom and Security. The second lecture was given by Mr. Lars-Erik Forsberg, under the title The Relations Between the EU and Serbia“, treating particularly the current process of Serbia’s accession to the EU. The third lecture, with the title The Rule of Law and Judicial Reform in Enlargement, was given by Mr. Wolfgang Nozar, comprised a focus on the issue of judiciary reform in Serbia and the impending measures for its improvement. It is worth noting that the second and third lectures were given by the very persons directly engaged on matters of Serbia’s accession to the EU.

On Monday, 20 June, HE Ambassador of Serbia to the Kingdom of Belgium Mr. Radomir Diklić, together with HE Ambassador of Serbia to NATO Headquarters dr. Branislav Miliković, as well as with Deputy Ambassador of Serbia to the EU Ms. Ksenija Milenković-Milivojević, received the trip participants in the Embassy of Serbia in Brussels. In this way the highest diplomatic representatives of Serbia to the Kingdom of Belgium, as well as to the EU and NATO did a great honor to the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, as well as to students and teachers of the Master in European Integration programme. The high officials spent more than two and a half hours in the conversation with the master students after they had given their welcoming speeches.