Master in European Integration


 for  foreign  students  who  want  to  enroll  to  MEI 


Foreign  students  interested  in  enrolling  to  Master  in  European  Integration  at  the University   of   Belgrade   –   Faculty   of   Law,   need   to   have   their   foreign   higher education documents recognized first.

The procedure of recognition of foreign higher education documents takes place at the University   of   Belgrade   (not   at   the   Faculty   of   Law)   and   is   explained   in   detail at:

Foreign students who intend to enroll to MEIneed to start  the  recognition  procedure  as  soon  as  possible  in  order  for  the  procedure  to  be completed before the official enrollment which will take place in September/October.

Foreign students who completed bachelor academic studies at other faculties of social sciences  –  humanities  are  entitled  to  register  for  differential  exams  (Introduction  into Jurisprudence,  Constitutional  Law,  Introduction  into  Civil  Law  and  International Public Law) in the forthcoming examination terms of the academic year , once they receive certificate regarding recognition of foreign diploma issued by the University of Belgrade (see Article 5 of The Rulebook of Master in European Integration.

Foreign  students,  interested  candidates,  need  to  submit  following  documents  to the Center for Master and Doctoral Studies:

-     preliminary application with the relevant fields filled in;

-     copy  of  the  certificate  regarding  recognition  of  foreign  diploma  issued  by  the

University of Belgrade;

-     biography

-     copy of the passport.

Foreign   students   who   pass   all   differential   exams   and   finish   the   procedure   of the  recognition  of  their  diplomas    are  entitled  to    apply  for    enrollment  to  MEI.  The  enrollment  notification  will  be  published  in  mid-September in the newspaper “Politika” and on the Faculty website.