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Studies overview

The MASTER IN EUROPEAN INTEGRATION study will offer four different modules (with enumerated subjects) related to different aspects of European integration.

The aims of the master study program are to offer adequate knowledge and capabilities for working in both legal and non-legal jobs that relate to the integration into European Union, and which require knowledge of the law and politics of the European Union, and can be within the scope of the administration, business, information, educational, research and scientific institutions, and the civil sector.

With successful completion of this program an academic title Master in European Integration is awarded.


Module 1: Foundation and Purposes of the European Integration

- European Union Constitutional Law

- Judicial Protection in the EU

- International Private Law in the Context of the EU Legal Structure

- Legal and Socio-Economic Aspects of the EU Integration of Serbia in the EU

Module 2: Business Law and the EU Integration
- Competition Law and Policy of the EU
- Company Law of the EU
- EU Tax Law
- EU Intellectual Property Law

Module 3: Human Rights and Democracy in the EU
- Democracy and Human Rights in the EU
- EU Law on Elimination of Discrimination
- Labour and Social Law in the EU - Human Rights Aspect
- EU Environmental Policy and Law - Human Rights Aspect

Module 4: International Aspects of the EU Integration
- EU Trade Policy and the World
- EU Neighborhood Policy and Law
- Geopolitical Perspectives and Consequences of the EU Enlargement
- EU Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy

Module 5: Practical Skills (mandatory for all students)
- POGESTEI English Terminology
- POGESTEI Internet
- POGESTEI Research Methodology

The POGESTEI LLM study will last for one academic year for teaching process and for the preparation of the thesis. Study curriculum includes three obligatory subjects from chosen module, one optional subject from other modules and practical skills module, which mandatory.