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Project outcomes

  1. Post-Graduate studies for European Integration at the Faculties of Law at the Universities of Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad (POGESTEI) prepared and secured for the ½testing½ Academic year 2007/2008

  2. Contents and methodology of the provisions of the courses lined-up with the European standards, including the European Qualification Framework

  3. Core academic staff responsible for courses of the new programme

  4. New teaching and training material developed, including the e-learning, appropriate textbooks and other literature purchased

  5. Information on POGESTEI and related isues spread among the target groups and beneficiaries and to the wider public

  6. Sustainability of the Project assured by the accreditation of the programme, by defining sources of further funding, by establishing network of POGESTEI members and other institutions and by the recognition of diploma by the EU Consortium members

  7. Quality control assured by internal and external evaluation system

  8. The on time realisation of the Project activities assured by efficient and rational management