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Main objectives

The main objective of the TEMPUS JEP POGESTEI Project is to develop and introduce a new LL.M programme - The post-graduate studies for the European Integration - at the Faculties of Law in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis in Serbia. The new study programme will educate, especially young experts, in the fields which are important for step by step integration of Serbia into the main European flows.

Duration of the Project:  September 2005 - August 2008.

General objectives

  • Contributing to the effectiveness of the "stabilisation and association" process concerning Serbia,

  • Contributing to the implementation of national and international (Bologna declaration) standards concerning the reform of higher education,

  • Preparing and implement the curricula and syllabus,

  • Improving teaching methodology

  • Preparing up to date teaching material and textbooks where it is necessary

  • Training teachers,

  • Establishing the e-learning system,

  • Ensuring sustainability of the program by its accreditation, by preparing the agreement on the joint LLM degree and by transforming the consortium in the Network for the co-operation in the future.