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Second year programme

Module 1 - Module 4 and Practical knowledge and skills Module

  • Concluding of syllabuses with the following structure:

1) the title of the course
2) justification of the course
3) names and biography and bibliography of envisaged teachers
4) the contents
5) duration
5) oral and written obligations of students
7) teaching methods
8) hours of lectures and seminar classes
9) expected engagement of the students
10) marking and ECTS value
11) mandatory, recommended literature

  • Completion, quality evaluation and publishing of the foreseen textbooks and manuals

  • Quality supervision of prepared POGESTEI programme

  • Organisation and execution of mobility program


  • Preparation of the e-learnig portal

  • Purchasing of the necessary equipment

  • Preparation of studying material for e-learning


  • Publishing and regular up-dating of the Projectís Website

  • Seminar for teachers and partners of the partner universities

  • Preparation of the Students info-package on the POGESTEI studies

  • Dissemination of information in media


  • Adoption of action and timetable of the activities for accreditation

  • Preparation of the material required for accreditation process

  • Implementation of the POGESTEI studies

Quality control

  •  Internal and external Project evaluation

Management of the Project

  • Meetings of the Consortium members

  • Overall organization and coordination tasks

  • Central financial supervision

  • Preparing internal reports and documentation

  • Financial supervision