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Module 5:
(short presentation of the subjects)

The POGESTEI Practical Skills Course consists of three sub-moduls dedicated to:

a) POGESTEI Professional English: Introduction to Legal English. Relevant terminology concerning foundations of European integrations: EU constitution, judicial protection, international private law, accession and integration. EU business law terminology: competition law, company law, tax law and intellectual property law. Political and social rights terminology: human rights, democracy, discrimination, labor and social law, environmental law. International policy terminology: trade policy, neighborhood policy, EU enlargement, foreign, security and defense policy.

b) POGESTEI Internet: About the Internet (Brief History of the Internet. Definition of the Internet. How to Access the Internet). Internet Services (What the Internet Offers. About "www". E-mail. Other Internet Services). Internet Presentation for Lawyers (Primary Legal Sources. EU Legislation Databases. EU Court Decisions Databases. Secondary Legal Sources. Legal Journals. Publications and Legal Databases. Law Libraries. Search Engines). Major Institutions on the Internet (European Union. University Law Schools. Research Institutions. Legal Non-Governmental Organizations. Bar Associations. Local Governments. International Institutions).

c) Introduction - Legal Research: What is legal research? Why do we need legal research now? The legal research strategy. Legal Writing: The process of legal writing. Plain English for lawyers. How to find legal sources at library or on Internet? Sources of EU Law: Primary sources of EU Law. Secondary sources of EU Law. Sources of law in SRB. Accessible forms (paper, on-line, web). Citation and Quotations: Systems of citations: EU, SRB. Systems of quotations: EU, SRB. Abbreviations, descriptors and cross references: POGESTEI Written Papers (Seminar papers. LL M thesis). Oral Presentation (Oral presentation - structure and general principles. Seminar papers and LLM thesis presentation).

The teaching staff cosnists of Prof.Dr. Stevan Lilić, Prof.Dr. Sima Avramović, Asst.Mrs. Milena Đorđević (Faculty of Law Belgrade). Prof.Dr. Miloš Marjanović, Mrs. Radmila Dabanović, Asst.Mr. Petar Đundić and Asst.Mrs. Dragana Ćorić (Faculty of Law Novi Sad). Prof.Dr. Predrag Dimitrijević, Doc.Dr. Predrag Cvetković, Asst.Mr. Dejan Janićijević, Lecturer Gordana Ignjatović, Asst.Mrs. Suzana Medar, Asst.Mr. Marko Trajković, Vladimir Blagojević (Faculty of Law Niš).

A special POGESTEI Practical Knowledge and Skills Manual is being prepared by the teaching staff.