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Events at MEI in 2018/19



Lidija Basta Fleiner (1948-2019)

We have received sad news – Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner has left us. Prof. Basta Fleiner graduated from the Law Faculty, University of Belgrade, where she earned PhD by defending the doctoral thesis – Anglo-American Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law. After working at the Institute for Comparative Law (1974-1991) and the Institute for European Studies (1991-1995), she continued her scientific and research work abroad. She was Director of the Institute for Federalism of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and she chaired the Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities. She was a world renowned constitutionalist theorist, who has authored and edited a number of books and articles from the research areas of constitutional law, federalism, minority rights and multiculturalism.

From the very foundation of the Master in European Integration, Prof. Basta Fleiner has closely collaborated with our professors and associates. As a visiting scholar, she has taught several specialized courses dealing with comparative and European constitutionalism. Not only she was a great expert, but also a dedicated and caring person, who was always willing to share her knowledge and experience with students and younger colleagues. We will truly miss her charming smile and inspiring energy.

Visiting lecture – Prof. Dr Dragoljub Popović

Prof. Dr Dragoljub Popović, former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights, in respect of Serbia, held the visiting lecture at MEI on Thursday May 30, 2019, with the topic “Property Rights in the European Human Rights Law – Scope and Restrictions”. The lecture was held within the course European Human Rights Law.

Common Agricultural Policy of the EU

Ambassador Duško Lopandić, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Serbia, held the visiting lecture at MEI on Friday June 14, 2019, with the topic “WTO and the Common Agriculture Policy Reform”. On Tuesday, July 2, Mr Danilo Golubović, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of European Integration, held the visiting lecture: “Negotiation Process in the context of 2021-2027 Common Agricultural Policy”. Both lectures were held within the course Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, for the first time lectured within Master in European Integration. Head of the course is Professor Dr Branko Rakić.


A group of 13 young lawyers from Frankfurt, who received a scholarship for a two-year internship, visited the Faculty of Law on May 30, 2019 within a four-day study visit to Belgrade. On behalf of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, the Vice-Dean for International Cooperation Ass. Prof. Jelena Lepetić, Ass. Prof. Filip Bojić, Dr. Ivana Rodić and the assistants Bojana Todorović, Đorđe Marković and Valerija Dabetić welcomed the young colleagues from Germany. After visiting the Museum of the Faculty, the Courtroom and Amphitheater V, the guests from Frankfurt were informed about the development of legal education in Serbia, tradition and study programs at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. Attorneys at law Novelja Baković and Nina Nicović, who completed the Master of European Integration program at our faculty, were answering numerous questions of the young colleagues related to the main characteristics of the Serbian judicial system. The colleagues from Germany exchanged experiences related to the internship after completing law studies, as well as the issue of representation of women in the judiciary.




Dr Reinhard Priebe held the visiting lecture at MEI on October 30, 2018, with the topic:The Membership Perspective of the Western Balkans and Brexit – what it means to join and to leave the E. Head of MEI professor Dr. Dragica Vujadinovic welcomed the guest lecturer and introduced him to the audience, consisting from MEI students of generation 2018/2019 and a few other students. The host professor to Dr. Priebe and the moderator for this visiting lecture was Prof. Dr. Miroljub Labus. Dr Priebe made a very interesting analogy between entry and exit negotiations in a sense that the EU has had much stronger position than the other side in both cases, because the EU demands fulfilling rules, and also similar is a very complex negotiation not only on most general but also all particular issues. Students were interested a lot in the topic, they asked plenty of questions and insofar the rich discussion was developed concerning different referential issues./span>



Marco Evola, Professor of Lumsa University Palermo, held three visiting lectures at MEI from October 22 to 23, 2018, with the topics: Making newcomers more European than Member States. The evolution of the conditions of admission to the EU, Reforming without revising? The nature of the practice in the admission procedure and Religion and labour law in the case-law of the Court of Justice. A new generation of MEI students were interested a lot in the topics of Professor Evola, they asked plenty of questions and insofar the rich discussion was developed concerning different referential issues. Summary od the lectures


Opening Ceremony

On Monday, October 22, 2018 the new academic year of Master in European Integration was officially opened. The Dean Professor Zoran Mirković gave the opening address to the new generation of MEI students, in which he accentuated an importance of MEI and a persistent high quality of this master study program. The head of MEI prof. Dragica Vujadinović also gave the opening address and explained different substantive, administrative and technical issues, which are important for students to have in mind. During the ceremony professors used the opportunity to welcome students and present their courses.