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MEI Students’ Study Trip 2013


Students of Master in European Integration were on a study trip to Strasbourg and Brussels from 14 to 19 May 2013. In Strasbourg, students attended the public hearing before the European Court of Human Rights in case Vuckovic and others against Serbia. Two lectures were also organized. Judge Dragoljub Popovic held a lecture on the relevance of the Court’s case law, as well as on the necessity to improve the judiciary in Serbia by improving its case law. Aysegul Uzun Marinkovic, lawyer in the Court’s research department, spoke about the history of the Court, its jurisprudence and the challenges faced by the Court.            

During their stay in Strasbourg, students also had an opportunity to visit the Council of Europe. They first visited the main chamber where the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly holds its sessions. Afterwards, they attended the lecture given by the expert of the Council of Europe on the issue: “The Role of the Council of Europe in the European Political Landscape”.              

In Brussels students visited the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union. Deputy Head of the Mission, Mrs. Ksenija Milenkovic, had a long discussion with students on various aspects of the current situation regarding Serbia’s accession to the European Union.            

Three lectures were held for our students in the European Commission in Brussels:

  1. Peter Polajnar (Directorate-General for Enlargement), “Role and Functioning of European Commission in the EU Enlargement Agenda”,

  2. Viktor Kreuschitz (Legal Adviser – EC), “Institutional Reform, Human Rights and Free Movement of Workers and Persons - What did the Lisbon Treaty change?”,

  3. Benedictus Nieuwenhuis (Foreign Policy Instrument Service – EC), “Facing the Future: the EU and Global Challenges”.  

Students also visited the Parlamentarium – specially designed information/art/archive center that provides for a presentation of the XX and XXI century history from the perspective of the European states’ integration process.





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